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Whisky and Tea: The Yin and Yang of Beverage

16 May, 2022

This year’s International Tea Day on May 21 coincides with the World Whisky Day – which is celebrated on the third Saturday in May every year. Whether you’re into the earthy tang of tea or the drink of malt, Harbour City is where you can take a smooth sip or dig into the many sweet treats to your heart’s content.

In-depth flavors in a glass

On its own or as tea-infused cocktails, these beverages are the best of all worlds when it comes to the fragrant aromas and revitalizing flavors.

Next time you head to Check In Taipei for some authentic Taiwanese dishes, talk to your server also, about their unique bar program – where premium tea leaves flown in from Taiwan are infused in different alcohol bases to perfectly complete your meal.

The Oolong Highball, for example, is a medley of flavors as you breathe in the heady aroma and let the round finish develop into the rather mild taste of whisky – perfect for those who are new to the liquor arena.

For those who crave for more Taiwanese tea creations, CHICHA San Chen delivers a wide range of beverages from classic boba tea to novelty ones that you can customize to exactly how you like it. Begin with your tea base, add in fresh juice or milk, and finish it off with bubble or konjac as toppings.

@ Check In Taipei
@ CHICHA San Chen

A more refreshing take available at Terrace in seaside is Jeju Green Tea Soda. Premium green tea from Korea is whisked to a foamy perfection before the citrus sensation kicks in. The totally Instagram-worthy beverage makes a great afternoon pick-me-up!

Beat the summer heat with the tropical elixir of the Strawberry Mango Jelly Starbucks M:lk. The newly rolled out drink is completely vegan-friendly yet equally satisfying. The fluffy M:lk Cream™ Cap is made with oat milk and whipped rice cream to perfectly float atop of the tea base of Teavana™ Zen Clouds Oolong tea with strawberry sauce and mango jelly chunks.

Take that zesty touch to the next level. XUAN recommends Green Eyed, which is a burst of invigorating flavors thanks to the melon liqueur and ginger ale before the dram kicks in.

@Terrace in seaside (left) @Starbucks (right)

Indulging treats to satisfy your sweet tooth 

Cooling beverages aside, tea and whisky’s presence also permeates through a selection of desserts.

La Famille, for one, is putting earl grey tea to your radar. The Earl Grey & Japanese Peach cake is a refreshing mix between the fragrant black tea and the sweetness of Japanese peaches. Not to mention, the fluffy chiffon cake and Hokkaido fresh cream are just heavenly!

Just because you want to get that beach body ready in time for summer doesn’t mean that you have to stay completely away from all sweet treats. Infiniti C has the health-conscious ones covered with its Signature Blue Earl Grey Cream Cake. Sink your teeth into the creamy mouthfuls of decadent cake filled with floral notes that comes without the guilt.

@ La Famille
@ Infiniti C

This is not your regular molten lava cake, but one that is infused with delicate floral essence. The Thai Rose Tea Lava Cake by Lady Nara is freshly prepared and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which offers just the right amount of sweetness to tone down the slight bitterness of the stream of molten rose tea “lava”.

Whisky lovers are going to love this classic pairing. Lady M is joining hands with The Macallan in creating the Whisky Dark Chocolate Mousse. Every bite is filled with the pungent blend of dark chocolate mousse and The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old – a fully rounded single malt that is in perfect balance with flavors of honey, citrus, and ginger.

@ Lady M
@ Lady Nara

Goodies to-go

If you want to recreate the wholesome experience at home for your next get-together, don’t forget to stop by city’super, which houses drinks that are spiked with whisky and tea-infused desserts.

Stock up on the Kavalan Highball Whisky Soda, which is made with Kavalan Classic Single Malt Whisky as a base and topped with refreshing soda water for the fizz. With an ABV of just 5%, it’s perfect for whisky beginners as they get used to the notes of malt, wood, and fruits.

A nightcap for you, a dessert for your better half. The Kyoto Uji Matcha Pudding is made with authentic matcha from Uji, Japan. The earthy tea with nutty and pleasant bitter undertones is perfectly balanced by the pudding.

Don’t miss also, the Kitagawahanbee Assorted Matcha & Hojicha Dessert Set, which includes langue de chat, financier, and monaka – all using quality Uji matcha and hojicha from Kitagawahanbee Syouten, a renowned Japanese tea house founded in 1861.

@ city'super
@ city'super
@ city'super

There you have it – an amazing lineup to not just celebrate the occasions, but to inspire you to create a unique combo of your own as you explore the multifaceted sips.

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