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city’super 24th Sake Fair 2023

07 Mar, 2023

city’super has been trusted by Japanese sake breweries throughout the years, directly importing high-quality Japanese sakes, and expertly handling them to ensure customers in Hong Kong can enjoy them at their freshest.

From 8 to 22 March 2023, city’super is holding its 24th Sake Fair at physical stores and the E-Shop, under the theme of ”Camping with Sake”.

The fair is presenting more than 200 different beverages sourced directly from 20 Japanese breweries, featuring the new Dassai Future With Farmers, which was polished for 10 days for a polishing ratio of 8% by Togai (out-of-grade) rice, resulting in a fruity, pure flavour and a smooth texture; Tenzan Shuzo’s first dessert sake in 140 years, low-alcohol Re:echo Calmer Dessert Sake, which is sweet with medium acidity and a long, smooth finish; Dewatsuru Ideha-No-Mezame Daiginjo and Tenju Hizo Daiginjo, which has been aged at a low temperature for over 10 years to give it a mellow aroma and a depth of flavour; Born Dreams Come True Junmai Daiginjo, which has been aged at ice-cold temperature for five years to give it an elegant fragrance is served at Japanese royal events; a whole new Japanese craft sake experience with Ichigocan Saitama Sake 24-Can Edition that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere; Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo which collaborates with Japanese outdoor brand, has a soft acidity and is smooth and mellow by yamahai brewing method: perfect for your barbecue session. Pair these fine sakes with gourmet food to satisfy every palate; they also make perfect camping companions.

In addition, customers can receive complimentary gifts by spending a given amount on designated products in a single transaction at Sake Fair 2023 at city’super physical stores. Get a HK$50 city’super Shopping Voucher with net purchases of HK$2,000 or above; a limited-edition city’super Chef Polar thermos bottle with net purchases of HK$5,800 or more; or a Nousaku Tin Sake Cup Set with net purchases of HK$18,000 or above, while stocks last.  

Dassai Future With Farmers (New product) The sake produced by the Asahi Shuzo (旭酒造 ) is made with out-of-grade Yamada Nishiki rice and it took 10 days to achieve a polishing ratio of 8%. Out-of-grade rice means having a low percentage of starchy core which makes the rice polishing process much more difficult. With this challenge, Dassai has proven that even out-of-grade rice can produce fruity, pure and smooth sake.
Ichigocan Saitama Sake 24-Can Edition Agnavi cooperates with different sake breweries to produce a new product "ICHIGOCAN", which let go of traditional bottle design in exchange for a whole new Japanese craft sake experience with 180mL cans that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo
Produced by Asahi Shuzo (朝日酒造 ). Made with Yamahai yeast, this sake has a soft acidity and is smooth and mellow. Perfect for your barbecue session!

Kubota Soujou Seppou Junmai Daiginjo
With low-temperature fermentation and aged at freezing temperature, this sake has an elegant floral and fruity aroma with a clean finish. Suitable for pairing with salads and light bites.

Chikurin Kansei Junmai Daiginjo Nama Genshu
A winter limited-edition sake with the theme of starry sky on a cold night. Brewed with Yamada Nishiki planted by the brewery, the sake has a refreshing flavour and soft sweetness.

Fukucho Hattanso Junmai Ginjo Nama
Imada Shuzo is the only brewery using Hattanso – a local rice variety originated from Hiroshima – for making sake. The aroma is well balanced which accentuates the remarkable “Hattanso” flavour.

Sugata Ghm Junmai Daiginjo Namagen
Rich in ginjo fragrance with a soft texture, the sake has a good balance of fresh rice umami and a refreshing finish.  

Tenju Chokaisan Kimoto Junmai
Tenju Shuzo started brewing using the Kimoto method since 2015. This sake has been aged for two years, resulting in rich umami and balanced acidity that match well with hot pot. Drinking warm or at room temperature is recommended.

Hakkaisan Snow-Aged Junmai Daiginjo 8 Yrs
This sake has been aged for eight years in a special snow house made by brewery, giving the sake a soft and mellow texture and a rice umami flavour that expands gradually. Even after ageing for eight years, the sake’s Niigata Prefecture style of “kire” is still apparent.

Tenzan Awa Sparkling Sake (Hokusai)
Naturally fermented twice in the bottle, the sake displays a refreshing acidity with notes of rice umami. Elegant with a delicate finish.  

Izumibashi Yamada Juro Umeshu
Made from Yamada Nishiki rice and local plum from Kanagawa Prefecture. Refreshing and semi-dry on the palate.

Re:echo Calmer Dessert Sake (New product)
Tenzan Shuzo’s first dessert sake! The brewery wishes to make a dessert sake just like the famous botrytised wine. High in sweetness with medium acidity, long and smooth finish. The low-alcohol profile makes it more approachable.

Kuroushi Shitate Yuzu Liqueur
Produced by Nate Shuzou. Blended with Kuroushi junmai sake, shochu and fresh local yuzu juice. Its crispiness and fruitiness are well balanced by lively acidity for a mild mouthfeel.

Chikurin Hakutohi Peach Liqueur
Producted by Marumoto Shuzo. Each bottle is brewed with two whole Okayama peaches. Well balanced in sweetness with a slightly dry finish.

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