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Your Mini Guide to Fitness at Home, Staying Healthy and Happy — While Staying Inside

11 Apr, 2020

The current situation means that most of us are working and staying at home more often, so here’s some handy tips to get some exercise and stay happy all from the comfort of your home.

Bring the Yoga Studio Experience Home

Whether or not your office has moved into your living room (or bedroom), you might want to watch out for the same issues you could face from sitting in one place for too long. Thankfully, our friends at Fitness First have some simple and fun yoga poses for you to do at home that can keep that pesky neck, shoulder, back and hip tension from creeping up.

“Yoga increases your energy and calm the mind with gentle stretches, postures and poses. Learning how to breathe can calm your mind, increase your mobility and flexibility. Yoga also increases muscle strength and builds stamina. “

As a bonus, you can do them all while wearing the pyjamas you’re probably wearing. And if you miss the full-on yoga studio experience, Lululemon’s mat and block can give you the comfort and support you need for your home sessions.

Arise Mat @Lululemon
Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block @Lululemon

Hang Loose and Keep Fit

Not into yoga, but still want to get rid of that excess tension? Rubber Band is a handy tool to help you mobilize stiff, creaky joints and knead out those tight muscles.

And if you’re looking to spice up some of your home bodyweight workouts, consider a set of sliding discs or push-up grips. The discs use friction to encourage using your core and other muscles to stabilize yourself as you do lower or upper body movements, making them a low-impact way to engage your whole body.

CASALL Rubber Band @GigaSports/For stretching, muscle toning and speed up metabolism and burn fat
NIKE PUSH UP GRIPS 3.0/ Strengthen chest, shoulders and triceps and reduce the pressure of wrist during push-up
Archon Jumping Rope @GigaSports/Connect with Archon apps and regular synchronizing keeps skipping data up to date and encourages more efficient workouts.
SKLZ Slidez @GigaSports/ Small-size, train your upper and lower limbs and core muscles anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on track and motivated to work out when you’re at home. If you’re looking to keep track of your training (along with the rest of your routine), Tag Heuer has a collection of new Smartwatches that are designed for everyday use so that they’re ready for anything from taking your pulse to taking calls.

The watch’s built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor and the new TAG Heuer Sports app provide detailed tracking fitness and other sessions @ TAG Heuer

Topping Up Your Immunity and Nutrition

Aside from keeping fit, be sure to stay healthy by taking steps to boost your immunity. This includes everything from getting enough sleep to hydrating and eating well (and not taxing your immunity by staying inside as much as possible).

But in the event you’re not able to enjoy fresh produce as often, having a high quality multivitamin to supplement the types of foods you might be eating during this period will help give your body the resources it needs to recover from exercise and prevent infection.

BEYORG’s Ogaenics Body Guard Immun Komplex provides you with 100% of the natural vitamin C and zinc .
Fancl Multiple Vitamin can help strengthen your body defense system, increase energy and supply antioxidants.
Melvita 100 % Organic Royal Jelly can supplement to boost your immunity and beauty.

Last but not least: just as vital to keeping yourself physically healthy is that you take care of your mental and emotional health as well. Thanks to technology, catching up with a friend or family member is just a Skype or Whatsapp call away!

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