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Is mainstream the de­nition of good? Going against it is what makes an attitude! Repeating what everyone is saying is how one should live? Niche ideas are way more interesting and unique! Even though we might look like rebels in the eyes of society, we are simply persistent to stay true to ourselves, and how we dress is the way to express our attitude. bossini.X designs an expression to the “X attitude” .

There’s a symbol for every era, and for Generation “Z”, it represents an attitude for the future. They are full of personalities, willing to express and challenge themselves, and are not willing to go with the ¬ow; and all of this adds up to become the main brand DNA of bossini.X. The new bossini.X brand is jumpstarting a new era, with a new brand concept that incorporates freeing street styles and unique fashion attitude through stunning designs.


The brand isn’t just about being “young”; just like Generation “Z”, their pursuit of style has changed over time. They have come to their own and are eager to wear brands that can express their unique personality and attitude. Luxury and fame are no longer their main concern, whereas being able to express themselves has become increasingly import ant. Just as the “X” in bossini.X stands for “EXPLORE”, “EXPRESS”, “EXPERIENCE” and “EXCLUSIVE”, it symbolizes how the new generation can express their attitude through fashion to  nd their resonance and place in the world .


The 2022 Spring/Summer collection is bringing everyone into the X-dimensional universe by using Generation “Z” favorites such as skateboard, hip-hop and graffiti culture as the core design elements. Along with personalized prints and patterns, it is the fashion interpretation that belongs to the younger generation’s “KEEP REAL” style. The neat tailoring and bold colors bring out a free and uninhibited attitude, combined with meticulous embellishment, it even adds a sense of playfulness to the daily avant-garde styling, which accentuates the emotional expression through fashion.

Furthermore, bossini.X not only never restricts itself, but actively breaks away from the traditional framework, allowing the design team to balance street style with sporting functions. By providing ultimate comfort, the brand can show the boldness and vitality of the younger generation by creating a powerful fashion attitude, which is also a symbol of how the brand conveys the core concepts of “do your best”, “enjoy the work” and “be yourself”.


We are always looking for our own style, and often interpret ideas, present different sides to us, insist on expressing ourselves with fashion, explore and create trends through social media; this is because we are the only ones that can master our true style. Today, new brand bossini.X will bring the younger generation in nite possibilities with their X-fashion attitude.

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