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Camera Eats First @Harbour City

14 Mar, 2024

Calling all foodies from across Hong Kong to visit Harbour City’s F&B outlets and capture the “JUICIEST” food photos for our latest campaign titled “Camera Eats First”. The competition will select 10 eligible food photos. Participants whose photos are chosen will have the chance to win a HK$8,000 Harbour City Gift Card! Four of the “JUICIEST” food photos will be further developed and made into an art piece by a local artist with his unique vision and treatment, to be exhibited and sold at Harbour City in mid-May.Follow along for more information!

Application Period:15/3 – 21/4/2024

Share Your Food Snap Now!

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Recruitment of the “Food Snap” period is from 15 March to 21 April 2024. Participants must submit the application via the link within this period.
  2. The submitted “Food Snap” MUST belong to the participants themselves. All the “Food Snap” submissions are subject to a screening process. The Local Artist shall have the sole and absolute discretion of the “Food Snap” selection. The decision is not to be contested by the participant concerned.
  3. All selected “Food Snap” participants will be notified individually by April 2024.  Participants who have not provided correct contact information will not be entered. In addition, Harbour City reserves the right to require individual participants to provide relevant information.
  4. All participants must understand and agree the “Terms & Conditions” and “Personal Information Collection Statement” by Harbour City.
  5. All unselected participants will not be notified individually.
  6. All personal data collected by Harbour City shall be kept confidential and the purposes for which the data may be used are: (i) to contact the selected participants; (ii) to verify the identity of the selected participants.
  7. Harbour City Estates Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice and shall not bear any responsibility caused by the amendments or the terminations.
  8. In case of any dispute, the decision of Harbour City Estates Limited shall be final.