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To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, Harbour City has meticulously prepared a series of Lunar New Year gourmet selections, allowing you to ring in the new year with family and friends through delectable cuisine.

CaN LaH & 818 THE SEAFOOD “LO HEI” and  New Year cakes

Up your luck with this Prosperity Toss of precious South African whole abalone and Southeast Asia ingredients!

CaN LaH – Premium South African Whole Abalone “LO HEI” in Singaporean style

818 THE SEAFOOD – Premium South African Whole Abalone “LO HEI”

Spicy Taro Pudding with Preserved Meat and Sakura Shrimp, Turnip Pudding with Handcrafted Puddings: Conpoy and Preserved Meat, Red Dates Pudding with Coconut Milk

Art of Canton is delighted to launch of 2 exclusive “CNY Feast Set

Featuring a meticulously curated selection of 10 auspicious culinary masterpieces, prepared with Deep-fried Fish Maw · Tokyo Seawee, Signature Fish Maw and Braised Chilean Abalone, Sautèed Angus Beef Short Rib · Thai Basil · Onion · Teriyaki Sauce, Australian Lobster · Typhoon Shelter Style, Barbecued Spanish Chestnut-fed Pork. Indulge in the exquisite flavors and textures of these luxurious dishes. Celebrate the joyful reunion with your loved ones.

Enjoy Mega-sized Golden Dragon’s Prosperity Lo Hei at Auntie MALAY

Auntie MALAY is preparing for a grand “Golden Dragon’s Prosperity” Lo Hei event. Dining guests are invited to participate in the “Lo Hei” ceremony, wishing for a flourishing and prosperous year ahead.

During the event, a 2-metre long dragon-shaped Lo Hei composed of various auspicious ingredients each resembling a blessing will be placed in the middle of the premise. Led by Malaysian Chef Han, diners will raise their chopsticks to toss the ingredients while expressing auspicious blessings. The salad will be served as a complimentary treat for guests to share in the joy and wishing for a year of prosperity and success.

This magnificent and vibrant “Golden Dragon’s Prosperity” Lo Hei features a variety of ingredients imbued with auspicious meanings, including smoked salmon (abundance), shredded Hainan chicken (vigorous development), pomelo (blessings), shredded carrots (good luck), peanuts and crisps (wealth). It is complemented by Chef’s special lime sauce (sweetness) and traditional Malaysian condiments such as pickled red ginger, pickled leeks, five-spice powder and more, adding both symbolism and deliciousness.

Indulging in a delightful feast at Azure 80

Get ready for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities! Make your family gathering even more special by indulging in a delightful feast at Azure 80.
To make this Lunar New Year even more special, we have curated a range of exquisite dishes that are perfect for the occasion. Indulge in our luxurious Steamed Egg with Lobster and Yellow Croaker, a perfect combination of smooth steamed egg, and tender Yellow Croaker with luscious lobster meat. Each bite offers a heavenly experience that will leave you craving for more.
Not to miss out on our exquisite Deep-fried Abalone with Chili. This delicacy boasts plump meat, a chewy texture, and is packed with nutrients, making it both delectable and highly nutritious.
Lastly, we try out our Deep-fried Prawn in Chili Sauce, featuring delicious and refreshing shrimp meat complemented by the irresistible richness of shrimp paste. The flavors harmonize perfectly, offering a tantalizing blend with a delightful hint of spice.

JIANG NAN by CRYSTAL JADE Lo Hei with Smoked Salmon & Braised Abalone

To welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade is serving a CNY signature dish, ‘Lo Hei’. According to tradition, ingredients are added one by one into a plate, and a congratulatory phrase is spoken for each ingredient added. Hoping to bring good luck and wealth for the coming year. The Lo Hei include colorful fresh vegetables such as Shredded Purple Cabbage and Pomelo in addition to Braised Abalone and Smoked Salmon. Served with Drizzle apple & Vinegar Sauce over ingredients, which is refreshing and appetizing to eat.

Family Portrait Casserole is a traditional dish served during the New Year’s Eve dinner in Shanghai. The dish symbolizes a happy reunion with family. The festive edition of the ‘Family Portrait Casserole’ features classic and rich ingredients, such as Egg Dumpling, Sea Cucumber, Shrimp, Chinese Mushroom, Jinhua Ham, Pork Tendon, Chinese Cabbage, and Celtuce Stem in a Casserole.

Prince Restaurant Reunion Set Dinner

Roasted Suckling Pig, Stewed Superior Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat, Braised 30 Heads Yoshihama Abalone with Goose Web and Premium Abalone Sauce, Red Bean Soup with sesame Dumplings, Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Sausage and Meat


Indulge in Festive Poon Choi

Guests can gather their family and friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a classic Poon Choi from Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel. This traditional grand feast is meticulously prepared with the most luxurious ingredients and impeccable cooking techniques and is the perfect way to symbolise the blessings for a prosperous year ahead.

Available in six-person and 12-person servings, the Poon Choi overflows with succulent prawns, premium whole abalones, delicate fish maw, fragrant conpoy, earthy mushrooms, tender soya-sauce chicken and flavour-packed goose webs in abalone sauce.

Delicacies at Cafe Marco

Cafe Marco will serve a Chinese New Year Dinner Buffet. Guests can indulge in a myriad of traditional Lunar New Year delights, including Yusheng with Salmon and Braised Dried Oysters with Black Sea Moss. Guests can also enjoy classic Chinese delicacies, such as Steamed Whole Scallops with Vermicelli and Garlic, Steamed Whole Sea Bass in Ancient Style and Stewed Fish Maw, Abalones, Ginger with Mushroom.

Prosperous Gastronomy at Three on Canton

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Three on Canton at Gateway Hotel is delighted to present a tantalising array of Lunar New Year favourites from 10 to 13 February. A not-to-be-missed highlight is the Sashimi Salmon Tossed Salad (Lo Hei), a traditional dish that gives guests the chance to actively participate in the auspicious act of tossing the ingredients together for good luck and prosperity.

  Frederic Blondeel Presenting a limited chocolate gift box for the Year of the Dragon

Coming from a three-generation coffee roasting family, Frederic decided to transfer his skills to chocolate roasting 30 years ago. As one of the very first bean-to-bar chocolatiers and leaders in the field, he roasts cacao beans to highlight the beans’ unique flavors.

GODIVA 2024 Chinese New Year Chocolate Collection

GODIVA creatively collides with modern craftsmanship and traditional classic elements to infuse New Year’s greetings into sweet and rich chocolate.

The five Chinese New Year limited flavours: Strawberry Dark Chocolate Carré, Milk Chocolate Almond Carré, Passion Fruit Caramel White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praliné Milk Chocolate and Caramel Dark Chocolate.

Venchi 2024 Chinese New Year Limited Collection

Venchi offers the most joyful and desirable chocolate gift box options to bring you and your family luck and prosperity in the new year. Chinese New Year Medium Round Hamper and Chinese New Year Rectangular Double Layer Gift Box are the delightful and generous gift options which offering wide selections of 18 kinds of mouth-watering chocolates, which are always good for sharing love and goodwill.


A majestic tea with a commanding presence, a nod to the mythical creature it evokes, Grand Dragon Tea marks the newest limited edition from Tea WG’s celebrated Grand Mode Tea Collection. An ode to honouring and preserving endearing tea cultures around the world, Grand Dragon Tea is a blend of fortitude and fortune that ushers in the Lunar New Year.

An iconic symbol of wisdom and longevity, the dragon is a sacred creature that brings an abundance of knowledge, wealth, and life to the new year. Honouring these long-standing traditions and joyful celebrations, the limited-edition tea is an exuberant blend boasting precious, pale-green leaves accented by notes of fragrant mandarin orange that infuse into a refined and invigorating cup of tea.

A modern take on the motif of mandarin oranges – traditionally exchanged as the ultimate symbol of hospitality and abundance – Grand Dragon Tea is a tea of vitality and strength. Exquisitely encased in a verdant emerald-green collectible tea tin adorned with a magnificent golden dragon, this year’s edition is an exceptional tea that transcends the ordinary to welcome the majestic Year of the Dragon with prosperity and happiness.

Starbucks welcomes 2024 and the Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon is approaching! Grab the Starbucks Assorted Pastries Gift Set for your loved ones! Earl Grey Palmier (4 pieces), Chocolate Flavor Almond Finger (4 pieces), Espresso Nutty Cookie (4 pieces), Uji Matcha Egg Roll (9 pieces)


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Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite A5 Chuck Roll Carpaccio, adorned with luxurious Caviar, delicate Sea Urchin, and aromatic Truffle. Join us and indulge in the perfect harmony of flavors and textures as each bite takes you on a journey of culinary bliss.

Tokyo sukiyaki restaurant – Hiyamahk presents a limited Dinner Menu for Valentine’s Day. From appetizers to desserts, savor an 8-course meal where the sweet flavors of sukiyaki blend harmoniously with A5 Wagyu beef. Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavors and textures as each bite takes you on a journey of culinary bliss.

PALCO Festive Special Menu

Matsuba Crab Cup with Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Scallop with Sea Urchin, Garlic Soya Sauce Foam, Sicilian Red Prawn Bisque, Homemade Linguine with Fresh Black Truffle, Wakayama Tangerine Sorbet, Stir-Fried Lobsterwith Ginger and Spring Onion Or Charcoal Grilled A5 Wagyu Tenderloin,Caviar, Morel Sauce

Red Prawn Tortor Cup with Red Pomegranate Jelly, Sti-fried Razor Cloms with Sea Urchin & Chives, Black Truffle Artichoke Slique with Scallop, Lobster Ravioli, Wakayona Tangerine Sorbet, Star Grouper with Abalone Butter Sauce, Miyaraki Wagyu Short Ribs with Fresh Black Truffle


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Celebrate Lunar New Year with a touch of Japanese flair at Shiawase, where we present our firework dinner menu. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as you savor a delectable selection of grilled skewers and traditional Japanese flavors.

Seasonal Sashimi Platter (3 types) (Kinmedai · Fatty Tuna · Sweet Shrimp), Mini Minced Toro · Salmon Roe Donburi, Grilled A5 Wagyu Chuck Roll

Indulge in the enchanting ‘ Shiawase Japanese Cuisine 8-course Valentine’s Day Set Dinner For 2. Enjoy jet-fresh sashimi, sushi and a spread of umami-packed dishes. .Reserve your seats now for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Sashimi Platter 5 types, Deluxe Ox Tongue, Grilled Beef Short Ribs, Gindara Saikyoyaki

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