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With less than a month left until Chinese New Year, it’s time to start planning for new clothes and shoes to celebrate in style. To find some inspiration, let’s explore the latest red outfit ideas from top fashion brands. Don’t miss out on the chance to look fashionable and festive this Lunar New Year!

Adorable and captivating: Dior & Otani Workshop Capsule Collection

Under the creative direction of Kim Jones, Dior brings high fashion to the youthful streetwear scene. Their latest collaboration with Japanese artist Otani Workshop showcases the “Steated Monster” motif intricately woven into exquisite sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, and sneakers. The collection also incorporates the iconic red color, symbolizing the “color of life” according to Mr. Dior himself. This collection pays homage to the brand’s heritage while offering a perfect choice for a fresh and auspicious look during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Subtle and festive: BOSS x Calligrapher’s Dragon

Drawing inspiration from the power and wisdom symbolized by ancient dragons, BOSS collaborates with renowned novelist and calligraphy artist Feng Tang to create a limited edition Lunar New Year collection. The collection features designs inspired by traditional calligraphy, with classic red and black as the main colors, accented with off-white. From varsity jackets to casual sportswear, knitwear, and T-shirts, this gender-neutral collection incorporates calligraphy prints, intertwined dragons, and exquisite embroidery. It’s a perfect choice for couples who want to coordinate their outfits during the festive season.

Elegant and intellectual: Burberry’s Lunar New Year Project

Burberry’s Lunar New Year project, featuring brand ambassador Tong Liya, showcases a modern yet classically beautiful interpretation of English fashion aesthetics. Daniel Lee, renowned for preserving the brand’s identity, seamlessly incorporates Chinese cultural elements into the designs. Twisted House Check patterns and rose prints, with red and beige as the main color scheme, are featured in overcoats, knitwear, tops, scarves, and hats. This sophisticated and tasteful collection is a smart choice for Lunar New Year gatherings.

Accentuate your style with red accessories: Valentino Red Radiance

If you prefer not to wear red garments, you can still embrace the festive spirit by adding red accessories to your ensemble. Valentino Red is a well-known shade that closely resembles the traditional Chinese New Year red. The Red Radiance collection by Valentino pays homage to Chinese traditions by blending the brand’s iconic red aesthetics with Eastern culture, expressing beautiful New Year wishes. The collection features the Valentino V logo in red, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Signature V Logo high heels, mini Locò handbags, and Locò bucket bags are all beautifully reimagined in Rosso red, perfectly blending with the Lunar New Year atmosphere.

Make sure to visit Harbour City before the New Year and treat yourself to some new outfits so you can welcome the Year of the Dragon with a fresh and vibrant look. May good fortune shine upon you in the coming year, and may all your endeavors be successful!

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