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Lady Nara, a contemporary cafe serving Western comfort food with Thai flairs. In these festive days, rejoice at Lady Nara as it collaborates with Belgium’s best chocolate maker Frederic Blondeel, to present the jewelry-box-themed Chocolady Afternoon Tea Set available until 28 Feb 2022. Each afternoon tea set will come with one box of Frederic Blondeel Chocolate Gift Set (2pcs) that will truly satisfy all who have a major sweet tooth.

Bejewelled Chocolate Flavours

Drawing inspiration from Frederic Blondeel’s signature Pralines series,  this exquisite vintage-style jewelry box is bejeweled with the brand’s iconic Pralines – Fleur De Sel Dome and Coeur, to sweeten your palates.

Their signature  55% chocolate is also used in the 55% Chocolate brownies and housemade Chocolate Chip Crumbly Scones for a truly sophisticated experience. Relish in Strawberry Mousse, Champagne & Fresh Coconut Jelly Cup that uses a fresh coconut-champagne jelly as a base topped with strawberry mousse, exuding a refreshing but moderate sweetness.  Do not miss the Raspberry Macaron Earrings that feature a sweet, crisp pinky shell filled with raspberry filling sandwiched between the rich chocolate thins.

Thai-inspired Savoury Favourites

No afternoon tea would be complete without savoury pockets of deliciousness.  Mini Deep-fried Shrimp Tempura Pink Burger puts together the natural pink bun, crispy shrimp tempura and beetroot mayonnaise, creating a crisp burst of flavour. A take on the classic version, the Smoked Salmon Tartare with Duo Flavour Bread & Thai Spicy Sauce elevates salmon’s umami flavour by combining it with spicy sauce and the bread made with tomato and spinach for a flavour explosion. Also look forward to the culinary surprise by Rose Quiche Lorraine and Pomelo Salad with Thai Chili Sauce & Salmon Roes that will make it an extra special tea-time to remember!

Guests can complete the decadence with options to upgrade to Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow. Made with Frederic Blondeel 55% milk chocolate drops, this heart-warming drink is simply perfect for a celebratory holiday treat.

The tea set is available daily from 3pm to 5:30 pm, with the 11 delectable sweet and savoury treats for guests to enjoy against the backdrop of the picturesque Victoria Harbour view. 

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