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Venchi Fall Launch: New Scrumptious Italian Style Chocolate and Gelato Flavours

08 Oct, 2022

Founded in 1878, the superb Chocogelateria Venchi today launches brand new chocolates and gelato flavours infused with rich Italian heritage. Always scrumptious, pleasing and lip-smacking, Venchi has launched a variety of new chocolates made with the finest ingredients including Milk Bacio Di Dama, Dark Bacio Di Dama, Caramel Pannacotta and Dark Almond and two gelato flavours, Caramel Pannacotta and Tangerine & Almond, to continue spreading the “Italian Allegria” together.

Constantly embodying the brand value of spreading the “Italian Allegria” around the world and embracing its Italian heritage, Venchi transforms another classic Italian cookie recipe, Bacio Di Dama that consists of two hazelnut cookies and chocolate spread between them, into bite-sized chocolate. Made from crumbly Piedmont Hazelnut biscuit and coated with milk or dark chocolate, the gluen-free Bacio Di Dama chocolate retains the traditional ingredients of Bacio Di Dama and the taste is still irresistible!

Hailing from the Piedmont region of Italy, Pannacotta is the next traditional Italian dessert that Venchi has adapted to a chocolate version. Presented in cubes and with a drop of delicious liquid caramel inside, a bite of the Caramel Pannacotta is more than enough to surprise and tantalize your taste buds!

Venchi has also launched a vegan and gluten-free Dark Almond chocolate, offering vegan customers another choice. It has two layers, the first layer is made with 60% dark chocolate and almond paste; second layer is made with 75% extra dark chocolate. The sweetness of almonds just flawlessly complements the intensity of dark chocolate in a delightful way.

Venchi’s Tiramisù chocolate pairs with delicious three layers of coffee paste, mascarpone cream and is finished with either milk or dark chocolate. Just like the Italian literal meaning of Tiramisù “cheer me up”, the Tiramisù chocolate can surely become your little encouragement on a tough day and cheer you up with a brighter day.

Apart from the chocolate version of Caramel Pannacotta, it is also one of the newly launched gelato flavours, and Tangerine & Almond is the other one. Creamy, velvety and scrumptious as always, the Caramel Pannacotta is just as tempting as the chocolate version that gives a smooth and melt-in-the mouth texture. The Tangerine & Almond features refreshing and succulent Tangerine essence and serves just the right dessert to farewell this Summer and welcome the beginning of Fall.

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