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Ibiza is the island of escapism; a parallel world where everything is possible. Different generations have escaped here in a quest for personal freedom, making the identity of the place richly layered. Each summer LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza allows me to explore one of these layers. Right now, I am thinking of Ibiza as an endless party destination.

The collection is sexy and liberated, with the carefree attitude that is quintessentially Ibiza. It gleams with the sparkle of sequins, skin peaking through short hems, lacing and cut outs. Everything is uncomplicated, cut close to the body, and easy to wear. Prints are feisty too: surfing graphics from ‘LeRoy Grannis’, cactus motifs and playful geometries.

The Paula’s Ibiza staples such as the dress, the t-shirt, the shorts, the loose knitted pullover are given a makeover. Dresses and tops come in all over sequins. Casual shirts are made in silk. A crafty element comes in the form of crochet, artisanal fabric crafted in Japan, and colorful overdying on faded denim. The sense of serenity of pure white is counterbalanced by jolly outbursts of glitter, sequins and bright notes of orange, pink, red, green. Everything, literally everything, including tube dresses and tops, can be exchanged between men and women. This is the freedom Ibiza is all about.

Accessories carry the same playful and colourful vibrancy. Sequined platform mules condense the idea of sparkle and party, there are also espadrillas and a new textured jersey version of our Flow Runner. Ombrè color recalling the psychedelic sunsets of Ibiza is applied to our iconic styles such as Puzzle, Hammock, Amazona and Goya. Denim is a big part of the collection, the Flamenco clutch is made in denim, while the Anagram is blown-up and turned into a cut-out in leather and canvas totes and pockets. Woven straw and raffia is the main story when it comes to the Paula’s Ibiza accessory offer, and we added color, in ombrè gradients, to that too, together with playful geometries on large and small totes and buckets. Small leather goods with marquetry cocktail motifs, sunglasses, hats, charms, and jewelry provide further fun.

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