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Maison Margiela marks 520 Day with a limited-edition release of its new bag, The New Lock. Available exclusively in China and Hong Kong, the custom designs expand on the bag’s original features with a unique proposal in pistachio leather with an ‘I love’ lock and a choice of combinations. The New Lock is the new proposal by Maison Margiela created as part of the Spring-Summer 2022 Avant-Première Collection. Designed by Creative Director John Galliano, the double-sided bag is characterised by its indicator turn lock founded in everyday associations familiar to us all.

Employed as adornment, the lock activates the study of inverted snobbery: the act of transposing the placement of fine and humble notions and materials, giving new value to the latter. The idea embodies the genetics of the dual-compartment bag, whose contrasting sides create a dialogue between materials broadly regarded as refined versus modest. The New Lock materialises in two sizes. A clutch with a shoulder strap morphs into a cross-body or belt bag. A handbag with a shoulder strap and a short brass chain handle can be carried either way.

Drawing on the notion of inverted snobbery, the indicator turn lock is created in a clash of metal colours and treatments including enamel, silver and brass. The original design comes in two combinations: one with a blank space when unlocked and the word ‘Engaged’ when locked; and one with the Maison’s numeric coding when unlocked and the words ‘In use’ when locked. For 520 Day, limited editions feature the words ‘I love’ when locked and a number of options for the unlocked indication: ‘You’, ‘The Earth’, ‘My cat’, ‘My dog’, ‘My job’, ‘Maison Margiela’, or ‘John’.

In the original design, the two bag sizes take shape in a number of colours, materials, and lock combinations. A series of styles feature a goat leather front carrying the indicator lock available in orange, blue, greige or black, with a juxtaposing reverse side covered in the treated white cotton of the blouse blanche coats traditionally worn by members of staff at Maison Margiela. A trompe l’oeil style expands on the code-switch of inverted snobbery. Here, one side is created in printed leather posing as herringbone and adorned with a tan leather flap, while its reverse side is created in printed eco fur posing as crumbled paper. Limited-edition bags created for 520 Day are created in pistachio leather and blouse blanche cotton.

Maison Margiela New Lock bag and the limited-edition for 520 Day have arrived Maison Margiela store at Harbour City.

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