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Parisine is a French perfumery brand founded by Business artist Amélie Huynh in 2014. It was established to share the very essence of Paris with all fragrance enthusiasts through exquisite scents, filling every corner of “l’art de vivre” (the French art in lifestyle) with elegance and aroma.

Parisine invents collections of Refined Eau de Toilette and UNISEX wardrobe series perfume. It also features several century-old classic French fragrance houses, including the legendary brands Nogara, D’ORSAY, etc. Nogara customized perfume is the most admired creation that allows one who loves seeking one’s unique fragrance through our scent bar.

Other than that, it provides scent solutions for weddings and businesses, empowering them through our most evocative scents. From fragrance launches to workshops, it has promoted the sense of French perfume aesthetics, culture, and crafts.

Parisine beloved fragrances aim to leave perfume-wearers on a memorable journey to discover perfume and feel the irresistible French touch.

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