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Savor the final weeks of summer as we bask in the glorious sunshine and feast to our heart’s content. From cold noodles, icy specialty drinks, to your favorite desserts, Harbour City is the one-stop dining hub to enjoy them all.

Noodles Two Ways

Cool down with the summer menus curated by chefs from Crystal Jade and Kyoto Ichinoden.

Winter melon is one of the ingredients commonly used in Chinese summer cuisines, for its cooling properties and the ability to reduce water retention in our body. No wonder the Steamed Winter Melon with Conpoy and Egg White Sauce is one of the most popular appetisers at Crystal Jade. Let the velvety soft texture of the ingredients prepare your palate for the Pork and Courgette Dumplings.

One of our favorite main courses is the Cold La Mian with Prawn in Grapefruit Sesame Sauce. Staying true to the roots of the Michelin-starred eatery, the contemporary take shines through when the summery, citrus sauce meets the hearty plate of noodles.

Steamed Winter Melon with Conpoy
Pork and Courgette Dumplings
Cold La Mian with Prawn in Grapefruit Sesame Sauce

Not to be outdone, Kyoto Ichinoden also serves up four new cold udon dishes, all available for takeaways so you can skip the lines. The chewy udon noodles are tossed in the cold soy-based broth with various sauces to soak up the rich flavors completely before the condiments chime in.

One of the best-sellers, Cold Udon with Angus Beef in Sukiyaki Style, for example, brings together the savory-sweet sukiyaki sauce with the rich flavor from the beef. Gently break the soft-boiled egg with your chopsticks and let the light but robust flavors dance in your mouth. Another pairing that can’t go wrong is pork with ginger sauce, which is equally tempting too.

Refreshing Elixir

Beat the afternoon heat with a specialty drink – or two before carrying on with your shopping spree.

Originating from Taiwan, CHICHA San Chen melds the best of bubble tea with the traditional flavor profiles. Using high-quality tea leaves 100% flown in directly from Taiwan, each cup is freshly brewed to order, to ensure every sip is as crisp and garden-fresh as it gets.

Avid boba-heads are going to love the signature Bubble Milk Tea – a quintessentially classic combo that marries black sugar boba, rich cream, and black tea is the signature bubble-filled cup of joy.


For those who prefer something with a zest, head over to SAKImoto Bakery, for some fruity specialty beverages. Choose between the fresh Strawberry Milk topped with whipped cream oozing out of the glass bottle, and the invigorating experience brought by the minty Iced Lemon Soda – both of which make such refreshing drinks to quench your thirst!

The CBD craft beers served up by Kinabaji are perfect for post-work get-togethers or a relaxing weekend respite. CBD is pure cannabidiol derived from hemp plants, and is increasingly popular for its ability to help ease chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

Each 330 ml can of Kinabaji CBD beers – CBD Drop Hopped Lemon Saison, CBD Session Hazy IPA, or CBD Session Czech Pilsner contains a 55 mg dosage of infused CBD and highlights different tasting notes.

Sweet Treats

Aesthetically pleasing to your social media feeds, but just as tantalizing to your taste buds, these summer desserts are not to be missed.

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel never disappoints when it comes to surprising dessert connoisseurs. The latest addition on its menu is the Fresh Sugar Cane Sorbet. Made with fresh sugar cane juice from Kung Lee Sugar Cane Drink, the icy sorbet is served in a real bamboo vessel and topped with a chocolate bamboo leaf. The nostalgic and natural sweetness from the fresh sugar cane make the dessert such a guilt-free one!

Make your way to Cupping Room Coffee Roasters, where you will be spoiled for choice as you customize your own Gelato Sando. Encased in the warm waffle dome is gelato of different flavors together with syrups and toppings that best complement them. Mix and match your favorite combo or choose among the five new flavors including pistachio, taro, mocha, matcha, and coffee.

If you miss your go-to childhood summer treat from bing sutt, Lady M’s ice cream floats come to the rescue! The all-new Peach Soda with Rainbow Ice Cream and Honey Chrysanthemum Soda with Chrysanthemum Tea Ice cream are the icy throw-back that puts together the best of both worlds. Not to mention, the thoughtful combos are insanely picture-worthy!

Soak up the last rays of the hot summer sun as you savor the seasonal treats!

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