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Suncoo FW 2022 Collection

10 Oct, 2022

New Fall-Winter 2022 Collection is a travel back in time: browsing through decades that marked our youth. From generation to generation, from year to year, past is an endless inspiration source that enriches our contemporary world. SUNCOO honors a fashion synonymous with freedom, decadence, madness with nods to our faithful idols. As retro as they are contemporary, the 21st century silhouettes are reinvented to infuse touches of nostalgia without losing the present notion. We find romantic influencers with lace inserts, claudine collar and puffed sleeves, but also more androgynous silhouettes with a masculine/feminine look. The iconic SUNCOO faux furs come in a sheepskin style made from recycled material, in natural shades specific to the Seventies decade: beige, chocolate and water green. Quilt becomes the winter essential. On down jackets, corduroy or carbon denim, it arrives to strengthen and structure silhouettes.


SUNCOO immerses us into the 60s in the heart of this bustling and exhilarating city : London. A concentrate of pop culture and fashion, thus conferring the famous expression Swinging London. From King’s Road to Carnaby Street: flashback to these working-class neighborhoods, symbols of a cultural whirlwind, with electric dress codes and a kind of hedonism. SUNCOO shows a liberated and offbeat fashion, where preppy classic codes are worked with daring and madness. Bright colors, funky patterns and daring accessories, in one word : FUN ! We imagine an elegant, bourgeois icon but always with a madness touch : she cultivates a BCBG side without ever falling into clichés. She wears an elegant Prince of Wales check as well as electric colors pieces (from flaming green to fuchsia pink). Prints are both animal with a realistic leopard, both psychedelic with a geometric pattern. Finally, every detail is meticulously thought out : Claudine collar, pussybow, Flare cut, corduroy and jeweled buttons cardigan plunge us a little deeper into this decade where the famous Beatles “Yesterday” reverberates in background.


Flashback to the Seventies. A decade yearning for freedom, carefree and euphoria. Now is time for pop nuances, uninhibited prints, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes ethnic. Mix and match of flowers and tiles, in a cheerful bric-a-brac of ochre, chocolate, caramel, plum and sea green. This theme is divided into two Seventies trends. First influence: Italy from the 70’s, the Dolce Vita, the «Bling- Bling», glamour and luxury as a way of life. The fashion is colorful and silhouettes are accessorized almost to excess: we accumulate jewels and wear XXL glasses with tinted lenses. Belts are no longer used to hold the garment but are now a fashion statement. The color palette is warm: camel, bronze, terracotta and chocolate, enhanced by touches of golden lurex. This is the age of disco, party, sequins, gold lamé fabric. Prints are anchored in this festive and glamorous universe. Knitwear is vibrant and electric with its colors associations, graphic patterns and sometimes with lurex shiny notes. It can be worn in a total look: elephant leg pants and its crop top.

The hippie movement inspires fashion trends by infusing fluidity to then. The body should feel free with comfortable, bulky and airy clothes. This is the Californian dream, the Peace & Love era, the Beach Boys, we go barefoot and we surf until the sun setting. Colors are soft, café latte, plum, caramel, beige and sea green like so many variations of a Palm Spring Polaroid of the time. Floral prints inject nostalgia with their seductive air of old-fashioned tapestry. Big flowers bloom in an ochre backdrop and the geometric print appears more retro than ever thanks to a perflectly executed colorblock. Cable stitch knits have a rustic, authentic effect, as if they had been found in a flea market. Some pieces flirt more with a minimalist elegant style, a bit BCBG. More structured, refined and elegant. Cuts are expertly orchestrated with ever more feminine details. Balloon sleeves or lavalliere necklace. Timeless pleated skirt is revisited in burgundy vegan leather. Checks are worked in a chocolate and ochre tartan style and the oversized faux shearling coats complete the silhouette.


In the eighties The Beatles “Yesterday” is replaced by the powerful music of Madonna running in loop into our walkman. We have un learning Baby’s dance steps in Dirty Dancing and we identify with Sophie Marceau, on the dawn of her first love, in the Boom movie. MTV music and American influences are flooding the screens and Lady di looks beautiful in her iconic wedding dress. Eighties fashion emphasizes ostentatiousness, voluminous accessories, and flashy colors. SUNCOO reveals new pieces drawing inspiration from this eccentric and innovative decade. We discover a dark dominant wardrobe, white, carbon and intense black, punctuated by touches of fuchsia pink and electric blue. It reminds us of the night, party with shiny reflections and sensual pieces. The assertive and structured style flirts between feminine and masculine: minimalist and structured cuts with more rock influences. We imagine this Parisian girl, with smoky eyes, a bit rebellious and adventurous, with an almost androgynous figure. She is breaking the rules wearing a mini skirt with chunky boots and an oversized pea jacket. Her wardrobe is made up of vegan leather, tweed sets, graphic knits or animal prints.

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