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Love is in the Air with Fragrances to Pair and Share
5 Gender-Neutral Perfumes to Share with Your Beloved

01 Feb, 2024

You both share strikingly similar personalities, effortlessly harmonizing each other to create a seamless bond. With an exceptional connection and a treasure trove of shared secrets, you complement each other flawlessly.

Embrace the profound connection within your relationship with a romantic unisex fragrance meant to be enjoyed together. Even when distance keeps you physically apart, you can still revel in the irresistible allure of the same captivating scent, both succumbing to its aromatic enchantment. As your hearts intertwine into one, you both possess a profound appreciation for one another.

In your journey of love, what unspoken understanding do you both wholeheartedly embrace?

We share a love for coziness
Aesop “Ouranon”

Aesop’s Ouranon is the poetic conclusion of the “Realm of Illusions” fragrance series. Opening with the citrusy notes of bitter orange, the fragrance exudes a green, balsamic aroma, intertwined with the fresh scent of camphor-like lavender. The warm and aromatic heart notes are rich thanks to the herbal aroma of chamomile, intermingled with hay and frankincense.

The base notes delve into a warm, amber-like embrace, with captivating hints of myrrh and patchouli. Ouranon evokes a sense of tranquil and cozy home, where lovers can nestle under one roof and indulge in intimate moments together.

We share a bond through boldness
Byredo “Animalique”

The Byredo Animalique fragrance celebrates freedom and authenticity, leading you to confront the untamed wilderness within.

Its multifaceted aroma transforms from refreshing bergamot to warm and sensual floral notes, ultimately immersing you in an atmosphere of white suede, amber, and tobacco’s untamed allure. Just like those adventurous lovers who thrive on exploring together, you share the same fiery heart.

We share a taste for art
diptyque “L’Eau Papier”

As art becomes increasingly digitized, the traditional mediums of pen, ink, and paper have gradually receded, transforming paper into a cherished symbol of romance and tradition. Whether it’s literature or painting, artworks brought to life on paper serve as your shared love language. That’s precisely why renowned French fragrance brand diptyque’s L’Eau Papier Eau de Toilette – drawing inspiration from the essence of ink and paper – will undoubtedly capture your affection.

This exquisite fragrance harmoniously blends the notes of white musk, mimosa, vetiver, and rice, encapsulating the enchanting synergy between hand, ink, and paper at its most resplendent moment.

We share a sense of humour
Le Labo “BIGARADE 18”

If you both share the same sense of humor, possessing vibrant and lively personalities that emit warmth and brilliance akin to the sun, it is only natural for you to be drawn towards each other.

Spending quality time together often leads to mutual growth, fostering personal development. The Le Labo BIGARADE 18 fragrance, a vibrant and intense creation from the City Exclusive collection, tailored specifically for Hong Kong, is a true blessing for both of you. This fragrance artfully combines the timeless aromas of white florals and citruses, intertwining cherished memories with a captivating mosaic that seamlessly blends the past and the present.

Much like a fragrant enigma, despite inherent contrasts, it remarkably harmonizes intense olfactory conflicts with a blend of classic elegance and rebellious uniqueness. This fragrance not only serves as a gift from the brand to Hong Kong but also stands as a heartfelt love letter dedicated to this remarkable city.

We share a connection with nature
Memo Paris “Inverness”

Drawing its inspiration from Scotland, the Memo Paris Inverness fragrance captures an ode to our deep bond with nature. Like intrepid explorers, the expansive landscapes beckon, inviting us to embark on a sensory journey. With its profound woody notes and irresistible allure, it mesmerizes the lovebirds.

Inverness, Scotland – a land of peat, heather, and golden rain – showcases nature’s raw beauty. Time flows subtly, entwined with sandalwood, cedar, guaiac wood, matè absolute, and powdery orris butter, creating a luminous and lingering aura in the heart of the Amyris Highlands.

Make your way to Harbour City with your beloved this Valentine’s Day to explore these sophisticated selections of unisex fragrances. Each carefully curated scent weaves a tapestry of precious memories, making it a unique Valentine’s Day gift to be cherished.