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This autumn, ANTEPRIMA continues to inject a feeling of spontaneous good spirits – Donald and Daisy to the Disney collection for its signature WIREBAG, and Ready-to-wear. Combining modern classics with playful elements, the collection can surely add a happy moment for daily occasions!

ANTEPRIMA Donald Long Sleeve with Hood

Successfully received great compliments, the high quality spongy fabric becomes one of the best-selling items in last season. Taking the basis of the Travel Ponte hooded jacket, ANTEPRIMA teamed this Donald Long Sleeve Hooded top with knit at the back to inject the classic ANTEPRIMA knit element to causal sportive wear.

ANTEPRIMA Donald Knitted Long Sleeve Top

Embroidered with Donald’s signature explosive face, this Donald Knitted Long Sleeve Top is developed from ANTEPRIMA’s signature knitwear. With smart yet comfortable style in unique tailored cutting, it is must-have knitwear for ANTEPRIMA and Donald lovers!

ANTEPRIMA Daisy Mid Sleeve Top

Combing with both knit and fabric, the Daisy Mid Sleeve Top is a versatile mix-and-match top with a touch of femininity for leisure use. This sophisticated style allows you to wear in early fall by its own or simply add on a coat on top and you are good to go during breezy Autumn!

Taking shape in the popular Standard WIREBAG and Mini Standard WIREBAG, these chic yet polished WIREBAGs were employed in exquisite Jacquard and Embroidery technique by professional artisans, making these delicate styles not only the ultimate accessory for Disney lovers but also to every fashionista. Especially the dual-face Donald WIREBAG, which is the ideal bag for mix and match from all casual to dress-up settings!

In addition, ANTEPRIMA is extending the Disney Collection with a lovely splendid clutch bag in Donald’s signature sailor hat to match with your favorite WIREBAG while adding an extra cheerful vibe to every day!

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