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The craving for Taiwanese dishes is real. Lucky for us, much-loved Taiwanese restaurant Check In Taipei’s first Kowloon-side establishment has landed in Harbour City. With an array of limited-time only dishes and novelty desserts on offer – minus the fuss of packing for the trip, Check In Taipei is the closest you can get to the same authentic menu, before we can once again hop on the jet plane!

Instagram-worthy decor recreating Lantern Festival

With providing authentic dining experiences in mind, Check In Taipei offers more than 80 seats in its 2,300 sq-ft establishment. Led by co-founder of Design Eight Five Two Peter Lampard (also named Prestige 40 Under 40), the space is designed to perfectly meld modern chic into traditional Taiwanese culture. Every corner you turn is filled with picture-worthy elements – including the Nordic-inspired interiors as well as the pastel pink and turquoise highlights to bring out the contemporary touches throughout.

From terrazzo to every single piece of furniture, all design elements are unique to the store. Not to be missed, also, are the lanterns made with wood and shoji paper from Japan. At the heart of the restaurant, the 36 lanterns of various sizes add fluidity to the decor and transport diners instantly to the spectacular Lantern Festival in the midst of Shifen’s old streets.


Modern Taiwanese dishes and desserts await

Every dish served up by the newest establishment is made with only freshly imported ingredients flown in from Taiwan. With a number of Taiwanese servers in the space also, Check In Taipei is determined to bring authentic taste and hospitality to your table. Among the contemporary Taiwanese dishes and creative desserts, many limited-time only dishes are on the menu too.

Chef’s recommendations include Cheese Curry Shrimp Cutlet Egg Crepe, Okonomiyaki Seafood Egg Crepe, Foie Gras & Beef Tongue Noodles, Satay Beef Noodles, Fish Maw & Braised Pork with Rice, Jumbo Spot Prawn & Crab with Noodles, Three Cups Duck Breast with Buns, and Soft Shell Crabs Mapo Tofu with Noodles.

Joined by premium ingredients, each and every one of the dishes embraces a modern twist from its traditional flavors to take you on an enticing journey. Chase your meal with a lineup of desserts too. Think Matcha Milk Mochi, and other Hong Kong debuts such as Almond Tofu Shaved Ice, Tieguanyin Crème Brûlée, Taro Purée Tiramisu, and Handcrafted Pineapple Cake Mochi Egg Tart – all of which are as pretty to look at as they are delicious to impress the most discerning dessert lovers.

Hong Kong’s first-ever Taiwanese restaurant with eco-friendly water solutions in-house

Check In Taipei is Hong Kong’s first Taiwanese restaurant installed with Nordaq’s eco-friendly water filters in-house – another first among all restaurants located in Harbour City. The patented water filtration system from Sweden purifies tap water to remove unwanted smell and impurities, while retaining natural salts and minerals.

At a cost of just HK$10 per head, diners can enjoy unlimited refills of both smooth still or sparkling water, to fully enhance the dining experience. 

Don’t miss out on the limited time only Taiwanese dishes and unfold your gastronomy journey with your loved ones at Check In Taipei, Harbour City.

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