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From a classic truffle tagliatelle to a squid ink pasta, and every hue in between, Harbour City is where your classic spaghetti bolognese is challenged by an oasis of colourful pasta dishes with visual depth, complex flavors and endless fun!

Red Seduction

While you can’t go wrong with a classic red sauce combo, J.S. FOODIES’ Seafood Pasta with Tomato Sauce is loaded with seared scallops and mussels to infuse the pasta with natural sweetness from the ocean. As the chef sprinkles some fresh parsley and sits the jumbo shrimp on top, the whole dish comes alive. Every mouthful is a medley of simple but wholesome flavor that elevates the staple pasta.

Flaming Orange

If the seafood madness has left you wanting more, how about a one-of-a-kind Pasta Laksa with king prawns?

The Coffee Academics has rolled out a dry pasta that is going to absolutely hit the spot for those who prefer a stronger flavor profile. The Singaporean favorite laksa is presented with an unexpected twist – the signature creamy broth is seemingly missing, yet the rich shrimp paste, and creamy coconut flavors are fully incorporated in the dry noodles. The well-curated and glowing dish is packed with exotic aromas that takes you to the Lion City instantly.

Golden Sheen

With pasta being such an ubiquitous part of the Italian cuisine, the list would not be complete without an authentic Italian one that is just chef’s kiss.

Pappardelle Paper Moon is the number one most loved pasta dish across all Paper Moon outlets internationally and it is definitely for good reason. Using such humble ingredients as fresh eggs and Italian “00” flour, the 3cm-thick pappardelle pasta with fluted edges – cooked al dente, of course, soaks up the robust flavors of smoky pancetta and tangy tomato cream sauce. The plate comes together harmoniously and is delightful to the eye as it is to the palate!

Go Green

The impressive repertoire of desserts available at The Cheesecake Factory is unarguably tempting, yet the generously portioned savory options are not to be overlooked either.

What catches our eyes most is the Chicken Bellagio. The spaghetti is first cooked in basil oil and chicken both before being mounded elegantly on the plate. The chicken breast, on the other hand, is pounded to 6” wide to ensure a gold crust can be evenly developed on both sides. The crispy chicken cutlet is then drizzled with parmesan cream sauce on top, before being carefully layered on top of the green pasta. Thinly sliced prosciutto and arugula are added to complete the dish flawlessly.

Black Magic

Don’t be intimidated by the black plate. Squid ink pasta and fresh seafood are a match made in heaven, thanks to the complex briny flavor with a faint hint of oceanic saltiness.

Greyhound Café’s Spaghetti Cha Cha Cha, alongside other delectable Thai-Western fusion options on the menu, is expertly executed. A melange of spices such as Italian basil leaves, green peppercorns and chili gives the contemporary pasta a distinctive twist and just the right amount of heat. The tender scallops and prawns, together, give the dish such a full-blown flavor.

White Sophistication

The pasta itself, at first glance, may not be the most vibrant shade on the palette, but let the truffle shavings do all the talking.

Every culinary creation at Artisan De La Truffle – if it wasn’t obvious already, is infused with the finest black, white and seasonal truffles. Among an eclectic selection of dishes is the Tagliatelle Served With Truffle Shavings, which perfectly imbues the humble ribbon-pasta with an otherworldly earthiness and wafting aroma that any truffle lovers would find so tempting!

Next time you are craving for pasta, make your way to Harbour City and explore these stunning options – all of which would make your foodie friends drool and your tummy yearning for more!

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