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Jumping off the success of the LeSportsac x Peanuts collaboration launched in 2015 and 2016, LeSportsac and Peanuts have joining together again for a new collaboration with a brand new look in spring 2022. This collaboration is Hong Kong exclusive and we believe it will be popular again!

This collection design is sharing the life of Snoopy and friends, convey a positive attitude through simple and happy moments in their daily life. First of all, we introduce 4 special items in this collection. Snoopy’s Favorite Bag side Emerald Tote – A special art where Snoopy and his friends go out with a bag of LeSportsac. Snoopy with a LeSportsac Boston bag is depicted on a refreshing emerald green background, while finding Woodstock on the other side emerald green, double-sided design, each side depicts Snoopy and Woodstock excitedly going out with LeSportsac bag. There are 3 special pouches, each featuring a cute picture of Snoopy and his friends Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus van Pelt going out with a LeSportsac bag or pouch.

The main print a patchwork arrangement of eight scenes from the peanuts comics of the 1960s and 1970s. It features a unique design that gives a glimpse of the casual life of Snoopy and Charlie Brown from the printed pattern. The colors are unified with a dull color tone for a vintage like look. 2 color ways webbings us ing, emerald

green reveals soft and stylish, whereas black to enhance the vintage ambience of the Peanuts Comic Strip.

The Hong Kong Exclusive LeSportsac x Peanuts collaboration is made of LeSportsac iconic lightweight nylon fabrics. All styles are showcased custom Snoopy shape zipper puller and collaboration woven label. The collaboration is now available at LeSportsac, Harbour City store.

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