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Harbour City and MILK have joined forces to embark on a sartorial odyssey for an immersive collaboration in the realm of beloved fashion magazines that ignite the passions of style connoisseurs worldwide. With a shared devotion to the art of print, the MILK X team draws inspiration from these influential publications, curating an exquisite selection of styles that harmoniously blend with the fashion brands found within the vibrant tapestry of Harbour City.


Since its inception in 1936, “SO-EN” magazine, established by the esteemed Japanese cultural fashion institute, has been a beacon of fashion for an impressive 88 years, chronicling the ever-evolving landscape of Japanese style.

With its bold and avant-garde artistic approach, “SO-EN” serves as a conduit for introducing indigenous fashion culture, offering glimpses into clothing production techniques, and shining a spotlight on emerging design talents. No discussion of “SO-EN” would be complete without acknowledging its prestigious cornerstone — the “SO-EN Awards.”

When we think of Japan’s fashion luminaries, the names Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada, and Hiroshi Yamamoto inevitably come to mind, all of whom have been honored with the coveted “SO-EN Awards.” Commemorating the 20th anniversary of “SO-EN,” this highly esteemed fashion accolade stands as the pinnacle of recognition within Japan’s sartorial realm, annually unearthing and celebrating the ingenuity of young design prodigies, rightfully earning the moniker “the gateway to success.”

In collaboration with MILK X and HARBOUR CITY, we embark on a journey infused with the spirit of “SO-EN,” allowing our imagination to soar as we symbolize the arrival of good fortune through a blossoming floral tapestry.

Six resplendent ensembles, resounding with verdant vigor, grace our vision. The romantic and audacious aesthetics of ALICE+OLIVIA, the meticulous artistry showcased in ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG, the global acclaim garnered by DIANE VON FURSTENBURG’s signature dresses and vibrant prints, the whimsical and carefree essence captured by KATE SPADE, the opulent heritage epitomized by LANVIN, the delightful fabric prints hailing from Finland’s MARIMEKKO, the vintage dresses crafted by PHASE EIGHT, and the luxurious and contemporary allure emanating from TORY BURCH — all converge to curate a collection of eight fashion powerhouses. This sartorial symphony is complemented by the exquisite elegance emanating from the century-old French maison BOUCHERON and the illustrious Italian jewelry and goldsmith brand BUCCELLATI, harmoniously merging fashion and accessories to sculpt six distinct and captivating styles.

Look 1: Amidst a sea of purple and blue flowers, the vibrant and lively ALICE+OLIVIA maxi dress unfolds like an art piece, silently captivating attention. The white cropped jacket from PHASE EIGHT gently embraces the body like flower petals, while the cascading curls styled by IL COLPO accentuate a sophisticated aura. Paired with the limited-edition ELEANOR rectangular handbag from TORY BURCH, adorned with exquisite crystal embellishments, this look is elevated to new heights. The gold necklace from BUCCELLATI and the earrings featuring Tanzanite-cut diamonds exude the most captivating shimmer, adding a touch of allure to the accessories and makeup.

Look 2: The minimalist black lines of MARIMEKKO gracefully outline floral patterns, while the outer layer from DIANE VON FURSTENBURG adds a unique dimension with its blue, red, and black color combination. The silver star-shaped handbag from KATE SPADE and the silver CAP-TOE BALLET flats from TORY BURCH complement each other harmoniously. To enhance the overall look, the BOUCHERON Peacock Feather jewelry collection adds a touch of brilliance and splendor to the ensemble.

Look 3: The white long coat from LANVIN is adorned with delicate beading, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. It is paired with the black maxi dress from PHASE EIGHT and the black and KATE SPADE’s white striped shirt, creating a striking contrast in black and white tones. The ensemble is further accentuated by the gentle shimmer of the ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG and the dazzling jewelry pieces from the iconic BOUCHERON Serpent Bohème collection, including rings, earrings, and a necklace, emitting a radiant and captivating glow.

Look 1
Look 2

Look 4: LANVIN’s Jacquard Embroidered Blazer embraces a pristine white lotus motif, exuding purity and sophistication with its V-neck design. Paired with the vibrant red skirt from ALICE+OLIVIA, the pear-colored handbag from TORY BURCH, and the playful martini-shaped flats from KATE SPADE, this ensemble is elevated to new heights. The final touch of elegance comes from the red ceramic embellishments by BOUCHERON, culminating in a refreshing and vibrant look reminiscent of blooming flowers in shades of red and green.

Look 5: As the ruffled silk sleeves of LANVIN dance with grace, the wide-legged floral-print pants from ALICE+OLIVIA continue the theme of blooming flowers. Paired with the uniquely charming explosive-shaped bag by KATE SPADE and the magnificent and luxurious DROP earrings and gold watch from BUCCELLATI, they come together as perfect accents, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look.

Look 6: This blooming ensemble in hues of delicate pink evokes the essence of spring. The MARIMEKKO blouse showcases layers of pink petal patterns, exuding a sense of blossoming beauty. Paired with the red knitted top from ALICE+OLIVIA and the velvet black trousers from DIANE VON FURSTENBURG, the IL COLPO hair styling adds a touch of charm. The playful HELLO KITTY STANDARD WIREBAG from ANTEPRIMA injects a lively element, while the red gemstone ring from BUCCELLATI continues to sparkle with the vibrant red elements.

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